"Mzansi Containers is not a part of the Novagroup (Pty) Ltd or any of it's divisions. No business should be entered into with this company as it is a fraudulent company making use of our name."

company profile

Novafreight was formed in 1967 and has had many years to perfect the art of warehouseman and bond storage.

Extended Services include:

  • Warehouse situated less than 2KM from the Harbour
  • Offering a bond store facility with around 1500 SQM
  • In House Clearing and Forwarding facility, making it convenient and hassle free to use our bonded facilities , which also include bonded transport services
  • Container packing and Unpacking Facility for 20FT+40FT Containers
  • Haulage from the harbour
  • National Cartage Service
  • We also offer +-2000SQM of duty paid warehouse space for clients who need temporary refuge for their stocks as well as the quality logistics services that comes with it